media weather

articles, interviews, texts, clips and much more

WetterWelt is well known not only for excellent weather forecasts but also for entertaining tv. With our own media department we are able to produce high quality television and radio broadcasts efficiently.

We are proud to have many customers from different tv and radio stations as well as print and other orginizations.


radio weather presentation

We bring the weather in front of the camera and on the screen. Either as “raw material” or processed and presented according to your wishes and needs, we will send you all the necessary weather information via internet or by fax.

  • Bluescreen-presentations
  • Comprehensive support
  • From weather graphics to the transmission-ready weather reports
  • Satellite films, animations, and 3-D graphics

Of course, we also include a briefing for your presenter.


Wettermoderation im Radio

Keep listeners tuned to your station for the high quality of your weather forecasts alone.

  • engaging, entertaining and at the same time competent reports
  • accurate forecasts
  • continually updated weather reports for your broadcasting area
  • daily briefings for your production staff

In order to make sure that your weather presentation gets to the point, we gladly compile the weather report according to your wishes. Bullet-pointed in short form or regionalized and in-depth explanations in full text.

Oral:¬†as a recording or as a live “on air” interview

It’s your choice. You decide the style of the weather report your listeners will hear. We gladly adjust to suit your needs: Factual and to-the-point. Calm and peaceful. Friendly and informal. Cheeky and with a bit of attitude. In every case competent and authentic. Your listeners will never want to miss the weather again


individual weather on your webpage

Increase the appeal of your website with your own customized weather reports. We can construct and maintain your personal weather site. Accurate local forecasts from our meteorologists will increase the interest in your web presence. We have many creative ideas.

  • distinctive, individualized presentation
  • continuous updates
  • unlimited place specific forecasts
  • 10 day outlooks for your region in attractive text formats
  • optional: forecasts hand compiled from meteorologists (for maximum accuracy) or automated compilation